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Delightful food is a characteristic feature of the La Casa de Lourdes boutique hotel and restaurant. With a wide variety of local and international dishes and desserts the restaurant of La Casa de Lourdes plays an important role of your stay at the hotel.
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Luxury accommodation options are offered to the guests of La Casa de Lourdes at unbelievably affordable prices. The two rooms offered are filled with the necessary comforts and facilities including beautiful views. The larger room of the two with a king-sized bed or 2 twin beds overlooks the garden and the mountain range offering a […]
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A lovely hotel with beautiful views…

An elegant destination for your holiday, La Casa de Lourdes Hotel and restaurant is located in the lovely El Valle de Anton surrounded by beautiful landmarks and scenery. The place is ideal for picnics or relaxing holidays as it takes your mind completely off from the busy world.
Adorned with elegant furniture, the hotel offers best comforts for its guests. Comfortable, well furnished rooms are offered for luxury accommodation whereas the restaurant of La Casa De Lourdes offers the finest exotic cuisine. Visit the hotel to enjoy and experience the best hospitality and luxury.


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